is a site for network marketers who want to consistently generate leads and reps for their downline without bugging friends and family, using cold-market prospecting tactics, or hosting meetings and events.

Some background on myself: my name is Patrick Williamson and I live in Bakersfield, CA – a city that is situated on the southern edge of the San Joaquin valley (a major agricultural center of California), 2 hours north of Los Angeles.

When I first came online to build my network marketing business back in 2008, I was as clueless and inexperienced at marketing and business as they come.

So clueless and inexperienced that prior to becoming a network marketer, I made a bad investment into a family member’s doomed business venture in the clothing industry.

I spent all of my hard-earned savings ($10,000’s worth) that I accumulated while serving a 4 year enlistment in the United States Air Force on this doomed business venture and never did see any ROI.

After picking myself up after this failure and determined to build a network marketing biz of my own, I jumped neck-deep into the internet marketing learning curve like how most inexperienced newbies have to do.

With no prior marketing or business experience at all, the obvious thing to do was to get on as many marketing lists as I could and buy all of the training courses that I could afford (or afford to put on credit) that were being taught by all of the internet marketing gurus, trainers, and experts out there online.

I also bought a bunch of books on all sorts of topics pertaining to marketing, selling, and building a business.

I ended up going on a 6 year educational odyssey that took me to the heart of what makes a marketing funnel and online network marketing business (based in direct response marketing principles) work.

Many hours (including most weekends) were spent trying to figure all of this stuff out.

I eventually did figure it all out by studying as many gurus, trainers, and experts that I could afford to learn from and through my own experiences launching my funnel and biz.

But while I willingly took the red pill and journeyed down the deep and dark rabbit hole of learning how to build an online marketing funnel for the first time…

…the whole time I really just wanted to know what the simplest marketing funnel structure was that would allow me to launch my network marketing business for the first time without having to build “Rome” on my first attempt.

(“Rome” being a highly sophisticated marketing funnel with all the bells and whistles and modern whiz-bang technology that’s available nowadays. I’m a technophobe, so I didn’t want to mess around with all of that stuff on my own anyways and I didn’t want to sell my kidneys on the black market in order to acquire the cash needed to have a tech-geek do it for me.)

During that 6 year educational odyssey, I wasn’t able to find a straight-forward explanation of how to build a simple (yet highly effective) online funnel in one single place taught by one person.

So I boiled everything that I learned in those 6 years (and what I’ve learned since then from my own successes and failures in the real-world marketplace) down into a simple, no-frills online funnel structure and am now teaching what I’ve learned in a free training series and in my personal consultations.

Each installment of the Simple Funnel System Training Series can be read in 10 minutes or less and is delivered in PDF format, so you can read, download, and save each installment to your smartphone, tablet, desktop, or laptop.

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Patrick Williamson