How To Consistently Generate Leads And Reps For Your Downline Without Bugging Friends And Family, Using Cold-Market Prospecting Tactics, Or Hosting Meetings And Events


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If you want to build an attrition-free downline through the Funded Traffic Method, then listen up:

In order to use the Funded Traffic Method (and in order to start building your downline organization in the first place), you’ll need to consistently generate leads and reps.

The best way to consistently generate leads and reps for your downline is through the internet.

As an offline network marketer, there are very few people in your warm market (aka family and friends) who are even remotely interested in joining a network marketing opportunity.

And, unless you have one of those super extroverted personalities, you won’t have what it takes to break into cold market (aka complete strangers) prospecting and recruiting…

…or the inclination to host meetings and events where you spout the same motivational gobbledygook night after night.

However, building an online marketing funnel of your own lets you consistently generate leads and reps for your downline without ever having to bug your friends and family, use cold-market prospecting tactics, or host meetings and events.

As a result, you’ll become much more attractive and authoritative to the people whom you wish to prospect and recruit into your downline organization.

As important as building an online funnel is to building a downline, most network marketers haven’t considered it yet or don’t know how to approach it.

Most marketing gurus over-complicate the topic of building an online funnel so they can impress a tight-knit cadre of their peers and keep people’s wallets chained to them.

Personally-speaking, I spent several years…

…and over $20,000 of educational, training, and trial-and-error expenses…

…going down this rabbit hole before I was able to cut through the B.S. and get a simple, no-frills online funnel up-and-running for the first time.

In order to save other network marketers (such as yourself) from a similar ordeal, I created a free resource called the Simple Funnel System Training Series that shows you how to build your own online funnel with as little effort and resources as possible.

Each installment can be read in 10 minutes or less and is delivered in PDF format, so you can read, download, and save each installment to your smartphone, tablet, desktop, or laptop.

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